Tools for storing personal data and the new Motivizer module.

Retention of personal data refers to the storage of personal information and the new Motivizer module allows for easy management of the data retention policy.

Personal data retention is a very important term in the era of global digitalization and automation. The data retention policy defines the procedures for determining the processing time to fulfill existing business processes.

The principle of storage limitation, formulated in Article 5, paragraph 1, letter e of the GDPR, imposes on each entrepreneur the requirement to remove data after a specified time. The storage of personal data in a form that allows identification of the person to whom the data relates should take place for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed. According to the GDPR, personal data, particularly sensitive data, should be stored for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed.

The law provides certain exceptions that allow for longer storage of data, such as for archival purposes in the public interest, for scientific, historical or statistical research purposes.

However, these exceptions have limited applicability, which is why it is necessary for each personal data administrator to establish a “necessary” retention period for themselves. This period is called the “personal data retention period.”


Retention of data and suggested period of retention of personal data

A suggestion for defining the retention period of data can be the period of potential claims (refunds, complaints, or others) related to the given activity for which data is collected. Another example may be the statute of limitations for tax obligations. Thus, the retention parameter can be determined by legal regulations or in other business-justified cases.


Why is the data retention policy so important?

The main and greatest benefit of data retention is to reduce the risk of potential disclosure. In a situation where a benefits service provider platform does not have a data retention module, a potential risk in the event of a hacking attack would be the leak of tens of thousands of personal data records and access to this data by unauthorized persons.

The response to this risk is the “personal data retention module” in the Motivizer cafeteria system.

The Motivizer Data Retention Module Capabilities

The Motivizer retention module allows our customers’ administrators (HR administrators) to easily manage the retention policy, including:

• Enables assigning appropriate HR administrator privileges
• Allows for creating retention categories
• Includes the option to delete or anonymize data
• Defines the retention period in months
• Includes an automatic retention completion process or an “ad-hoc” initiation option with reminder system for the administrator
• Reports the retention completion process: scope of data subject to the retention policy
• Defines calculation dates of retention (e.g. end of subscription service date)

Motivizer is constantly developing its support and digitalization system for Human Resources departments to meet the changing requirements of employers. The innovative retention management module in Motivizer guarantees compliant, reliable and transparent storage and processing of entrusted data, which is an absolute priority for the Motivizer team.