eBilet.pl VOUCHER

  • The VOUCHER eBilet.pl is an original and unforgettable gift, perfect for close friends, family and acquaintances. The voucher allows access to a wide range of activities and entertainment, such as festivals, concerts, sporting events, and a variety of performances found on the website www.ebilet.pl, satisfying the needs of the recipient.
  • The VOUCHER eBilet.pl grants the authority to purchase tickets within the specified nominal limit for all events listed on the website. The only exception being (e.g. TR Warszawa performances). The voucher contains a unique code that is used for payment. It is valid for 12 months.
  • Standard denominations of the vouchers include 100, 200, 300 and 500 PLN. The VOUCHER also includes a regulation that can be found at: http://www.ebilet.pl/

An integral part of the VOUCHER is the terms and conditions, which can be found at the address:


How it works?

  • The purchased VOUCHER allows the recipient to receive a newsletter of the best concerts, festivals, sports events, entertainment and family events, cabarets, and theater performances offered on eBilet.pl.
  • When purchasing a ticket on eBilet.pl, the user selects the desired event. During the process of filling out the form, the unique code from the VOUCHER must be entered into the “Discount” field before clicking “Buy”.
  • If the value of the VOUCHER exceeds the cost of the purchased ticket, the remaining funds can be used for future transactions. In the opposite scenario, the remaining amount must be paid via bank transfer. It is not possible to combine vouchers during a single transaction.