Medical care LUX-MED for you and your family

We are a leader in private healthcare in Poland. As LUX-MED, we have been providing care for 25 years. Thanks to our team of specialist doctors, skilled nursing staff and modern diagnostic equipment, we can boast of extremely high service standards. We have already gained the trust of 1,800,000 patients. We are part of the international Bupa group, which operates as an insurer and provider of medical services around the world.

Always close to patients

We provide full care: outpatient, diagnostic, rehabilitation, hospital and long-term. We are available to patients throughout Poland. We have the largest network of medical centers, diagnostic offices and partner facilities in the country. We also have specialized hospital facilities (including the Carolina Medical Center orthopedic hospital and Magodent oncological hospitals). Our centers are located in convenient locations that can be easily reached by personal vehicle or public transportation.

Diverse LUX-MED offer within the Motivizer motivational system

We offer a wide range of medical services, provided in the form of subscriptions or insurance. We recommend Medical Care Plans to individual customers - tailored to the age and individual needs of the patient. We also provide care as part of preventive programs, individually charged services or through contracts with the National Health Fund.

By joining LUX MED, you gain access to:

  • care from experienced doctors from over 40 specialties,
  • fast and effective and convenient booking of appointments (by phone or online),
  • advanced laboratory and imaging diagnostics,
  • hospital facilities providing specialized hospital care,
  • innovative online solutions (including the Patient Portal, Customer Portal, E-consultations),
  • fast emergency assistance.

LUX-MED a leader in healthcare

Our goal is to ensure the best possible health and full comfort of life for our patients. Knowledge, experience and professionalism allow us to fully take care of you and your family.