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Open up to Wellbeing

We have a comprehensive offering supporting the "wellbeing" approach, within the PERMA model:


Provide support and reward employees.


Organize sports teams, events, or communities.


Build a strong organizational culture based on health.


Positively impact physiology, mind, competence, and more.

Mental Health Support

Take care of your employees' well-being.


Conduct both traditional and online training.


Reward anniversaries.

Piggy bank

Organize fundraising.


Recognition is a module for enhancing motivation and mutual appreciation of attitudes.


Integration with applications: Google Health, Suunto, Strava, Garmin.

Benefit platform

hundreds of great offers 24/7.

We are a publicly traded group

Since February 2021, we have become a part of the publicly traded group JR Holdings S.A.

Our company, along with our closely-working partner group in the field of SAP implementations - KBJ S.A. - has become a Platinum partner.

The "Platinum" status is awarded to partner organizations with a strategic and global nature, exclusively by invitation and based on business justification assessed and approved by the SAP management board. Organizations with the "Platinum" status are among the largest and most trusted SAP partners..

We belong to PPCC and PSCC

We belong to PPCC and PSCC In 2021, we became a member of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Selected partners Motivizer

What is Motivizer?

An online cafeteria platform with 24/7 access, 365 days a year.

• A benefits management platform that meets the needs of employees of different ages and at different life stages.

An internal employee store with attractive discounts and a wide range of benefits, with the possibility of integration with existing company benefits.

• A program program facilitating reporting, managing ZFŚS funds, and rewarding employees.

• A platform for managing employee engagement through social mechanisms and competition.

We manage engagement,
not just benefits

The needs of each organization are different
and employees choose different benefits
depending on their life stage
and as the organization develops, its needs change.

In creating the system,
we made sure to adapt to this diversity.

Who we are?

Motivizer is created by specialists with experience in key positions in HR departments
and companies supporting HR departments in terms of employee benefits.

Our cafeteria platform is the only one on the market
that allows you to manage Employee Benefit Fund
has a developed internal e-commerce store and a development module.

Benefits for the employer:

• Increased engagement and loyalty of employees.

• Positive employer image among employees.

• Reduced turnover, which leads to lower costs associated with hiring new employees..

• Simplification of managing Employee Benefit Fund in accordance with the company's regulations.

Benefits for HR:

• Meeting the needs of employees from different generations.

• Simplification of administrative processes.

• Light and easy implementation with minimal effort on the customer's part.

Benefits for the employee:

• Access to attractive discounts.

• A very wide range of benefits for employees and their families.

• The ability to choose the way of financing purchases and benefits.

How simple is the implementation?

1. Selection of system modules to implement

2. Selection of non-wage benefits

3. The Motivizer team takes care of the implementation and supports the customer in communicating with employees

4. Employee chooses the way of financing benefits:
• ZFŚS - Employee Benefit Fund
• Current funds
• Own funds

5. Employee is satisfied with the selected benefits

Cafeteria platform MOTIVIZER

Was created with both employers and their employees in mind. Thanks to the advanced systems and interesting offers, our clients gain the ability to effectively manage the engagement of their teams and reward them.

The benefit system offered by MOTIVIZER meets the needs of people of different ages, at different life stages and representing different priorities. Check out the attractive offer that the presented cafeteria system is and use our services today.

Why our cafeteria system?


Transfer the distribution and implementation of Employee Benefit Fund to a self-service online system.


All benefits in one system, including sports card, medical care, insurance.

More for less

Offer employees an attractive offer of thousands of ready-made benefits available across Poland.

Data retention

The data retention policy defines procedures for determining the time of processing personal data in order to carry out existing business processes.

The greatest advantage of data retention is the reduction of the risk of their potential disclosure. In the Motivizer cafeteria system, the retention module allows our clients' administrators (HR administrator) to easily manage the retention policy.

We provide security and integration with systems:

Teta, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics, Enova

Motivizer meets data security standards in cloud computing and has obtained certifications ISOCERT PN – EN ISO/IEC 27018:2017-07 oraz PN – EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06