The power of benefits for the company with the SPORT and CULTURE gift card

  • Sport and culture cards fit in with the passions of employees from different generations, the employee makes the choice of benefit themselves.
  • A great idea to supplement existing sports benefits.
  • Utilization of all funds allocated by the employer: benefits for those who want to use them, unused funds are not wasted and are carried over to the next month.
  • No need to gather a sufficient number of interested parties for the benefit - the price offer is not affected by the number of participants.
  • You can effectively use ZFŚS

Benefits for employees from non-cash motivation

  • Flexible acceptance parameters for cards at the request of the customer, e.g. fitness clubs, pools, gyms, SPA, cinemas, theaters, museums, operas, art galleries, dance schools, etc.
  • Equal treatment of card holders in all points - the employee decides which services they will use, how often and at what hours, without additional charges
  • The possibility of a joint outing with loved ones within the framework of one card.
  • The employee can make transactions and book tickets online.
  • Access to attractive discounts that increase the value of the funds received, e.g. Cinema City, Multikino, etc.