MegaMocni Kindergarten and Daycare System

DyNaMo Creative Development Association is the creator of the MegaMocni brand and owner of the Private Kindergartens and Daycare Centers under the same name.

Currently, the Association operates four facilities in Gdańsk:

  • MegaMocni Zaspa Kindergarten and Daycare

  • MegaMocni Chełm Kindergarten and Daycare

  • MegaMocni Stogi Kindergarten and Daycare

  • MegaMocni Suchanino Kindergarten + Daycare for children up to 2.5 years


MegaMocni Daycare Centers implement an innovative, international program called “The Key to Learning.” Through this program, children can develop and acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies in a child-friendly way. The uniqueness of this program lies in its ability to break away from the traditional model of education based on memorization and reproduction of information. Instead, “The Key to Learning” teaches children independent thinking and fast knowledge acquisition

MegaMocni Daycare Center offers a variety of activities as part of the tuition fee. Children can participate in laboratory, robotics, group speech therapy, and many other classes. They can also participate in additional activities such as judo, karate, modern dance, multisport, or soccer.

MegaMocni Preschool in Chełm has its own kitchen facilities. MegaMocni preschools ensure that the meals for children are fully balanced dishes. In the case of children with chronic diseases, dietary or diabetes, meals are fully adapted to dietary recommendations.

MegaMocni preschools are popular among residents of Gdańsk


The first Private MegaMocni Preschool was created in Gdańska Zaspa.

The founders of the preschool set a goal of enabling and supporting children in the development of artistic talents, using innovative educational methods, promoting art in an interesting way while simultaneously shaping skills of its reception and creation in the field of visual and musical activity.

A very important element of the preschooler’s development is speech therapy prevention and therapeutic activities for children with speech defects. With the help of trained staff and well-organized work plan, our facility is successful, as evidenced by the huge progress and achievements of our children.

In January 2018, a daycare was opened in MegaMocni Zaspa Preschool.


The success achieved by the preschool in Gdańska Zaspa has led to the creation of the MegaMocni Chełm Preschool and Daycare. The new facility is equipped with its own kitchen, gymnastics rooms, a large and spacious terrace and care by staff with high pedagogical qualifications and experience in working with children. We have comfortable and customized rooms with 70 square meters, excellent staff and high-quality equipment that create new educational and care standards.


The third facility is the MegaMocni Preschool and Daycare in Stogi. The preschool is located in the modern Koga building in Stogi. The facility is located in a secluded, peaceful and quiet place.

The undeniable advantages of this facility are small, sixteen-person groups, interiors with modern decor and lighting, and a beautiful spacious green garden. As with other facilities, we implement the “Key to Learning” program and many interesting activities as part of the tuition.


The fourth MegaMocni facility is the Preschool in Suchanino. The greatest advantages of this place are modern interiors, an innovative and international “Key to Learning” teaching program, and a qualified staff. The preschool is adapted to care for children with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or food allergies.

A major advantage of this facility is the introduction of a music profile, which allows children to learn different music, dance, and classical ballet, giving them the opportunity to discover different passions and interests.

The facility also operates a Daily Care Point for children up to 2.5 years old.