Lifestyle Designers is a place where you can find a full range of global brands: Montegrappa, Moleskine, Lamy and Troika – producers of high-quality writing instruments and business gadgets. Each of the brands in the Lifestyle Designers portfolio is known for its love of design, quality and precision of execution. The brands share a lifestyle character, high quality, functionality and elegance. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking for non-trivial and meticulously crafted products.

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Italian brand Montegrappa has over 100 years of Italian craftsmanship and style. The brand’s products are made in Italy, for more than a century impressing with innovation, reliability and quality of execution. Fountain pens signed with the Montegrappa brand are small masterpieces. The inspiration for their creation is often historical events, passions, or great people who have contributed to world history.

German brand LAMY creates writing instruments based on the design using the guidelines of the Bauhaus school. Each product element is made in the brand’s headquarters in Germany with great care. LAMY is synonymous with high quality, precision of execution, and simple line design.

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Italian brand Moleskine is the heir to the pocket notebook bound in black leather, which was created over 200 years ago and accompanied world personalities. Moleskine offers many versions of calendars, journals and notebooks for everyday use, as well as themed notebooks for recording memories from read books, traveled trips, tasted wines or the birth of a child. 

TROIKA is a German brand known worldwide for its original, innovative and elegant accessories. TROIKA’s accessories are known for their innovative and non-trivial solutions. You can find perfect little things for gifts and everyday use, business and travel accessories. All are characterized by high quality and durability, as well as a clever and interesting design.

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