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furniture store in Ikea shopping with a gift card

IKEA Gift Card
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IKEA gift card, where can it be used?

This is a simple way to give a gift for any occasion. For everyone. It is a bearer card that can be used at all IKEA locations throughout Poland. The card is valid indefinitely, so you can use it whenever you want. You can use it to pay for all goods in IKEA stores, except for the Swedish shop and restaurant.

The company’s main goal is to provide affordable and functional furniture at an accessible price.

furniture store in Ikea shopping with a gift card

Rich selection of furniture and home furnishings from IKEA

Thousands of home products with IKEA gift card

IKEA offers functional furniture with unique designs at an affordable price. The wide range of home furnishings is accessible to many people, not just a select few. IKEA combines functionality, quality, good design and product value, always working in accordance with principles of sustainable development.

Furnished showroom with display to buy with IKEA gift cards
IKEA gift cards online children's room furniture


Indefinite IKEA gift card to use at the largest furniture and appliances store

IKEA is the world’s largest seller of furniture and appliances, with around 500 million people visiting its stores worldwide each year. The company has almost 300 stores in 44 countries, which gives it a position as a leader in the furniture industry.

Buy online with IKEA gift card


Pay with gift cards at IKEA for your purchases

Ensure comfort while working and shop at IKEA for: Desks, Table tops and legs, Office chairs and armchairs, Desk lamps, Document and magazine organizers, Wall shelves, Bookcases and shelves, Laptop stands and tables, Cables, extensions, and accessories, Paper waste baskets, stationery and many more.

work desk from IKEA paid with an online gift voucher
wooden garden furniture from IKEA bought with an online gift voucher

Balcony and garden from IKEA

Decorate your balcony with wooden furniture with IKEA gift cards

Take care of your garden and balcony. At Ikea you can get: Garden furniture for relaxation, Garden and balcony furniture sets, Garden and balcony tables, Balcony and terrace flooring, Garden and balcony chairs, Umbrellas and gazebos…

Bedroom with IKEA

IKEA gift card for your purchases

Decorate your bedroom with IKEA gift card and make it a comfortable and stylish space. Choose from a wide range of furniture including: Beds, Mattresses, Bed frames, Bedside tables, Chest of drawers, Wardrobes, Dressing tables, Mirrors, and much more. With IKEA, you can create a personalized and functional bedroom that will suit your needs and style. With the gift card, you can also purchase bedding, textiles, lighting, and other accessories to complete the look of your new bedroom. Shop online with your IKEA gift card and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Gift vouchers for IKEA bedroom furniture
A white living room purchased with IKEA gift cards online

Living Room IKEA

Give your family a gift with an IKEA gift card​

Discover anew the furniture for your living room with IKEA: Sofas and corner units, Coffee tables, Armchairs and chaises, Bookcases, TV storage, Decorative cushions and covers, Benches and consoles, Lighting, Curtains and blinds, Rugs, Throws and blankets, Decorations…


IKEA kitchen

Impress your family with a modern and stylish kitchen using IKEA gift card

Treat yourself to new kitchen furniture from IKEA: Cabinets and Kitchen Fronts, Interior Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Furniture Sets, Food Storage, Kitchen Appliances, Pans and Pots, Kitchen Shelves, Taps and Sinks, Kitchen Countertops, Handles and Knobs, Kitchen Lighting, Kitchen Wall Panels, Pantry…

Stylish white kitchen from IKEA purchased with gift cards.
Ikea gift card online for bathroom furniture

Bathroom from IKEA

IKEA Gift Card Online and a new bathroom

Take care of new bathroom equipment from IKEA: Vanity units, Bathroom cabinets and shelves, Washbasins, Bathroom accessories, Taps, Towels, Bathroom lighting, Showers, Curtains and rods, Bath mats, Bathroom mirrors, Bathroom furniture sets…

Terms and conditions of IKEA Gift Card transaction

IKEA Gift Card Terms of Use

The balance and expiration date can be checked o ikea / gift-card by entering the card number.

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