Multikino Media Sp. z o.o. has prepared for you tickets that have a long validity period (even several months) for any show in the Multikino and Silver Screen network.

Benefits of purchasing coupons:

  • Coupons are cheaper than normal tickets, thus guaranteeing great entertainment and relaxation at an even lower price
  • The long redemption period allows for redeeming the coupon for a film that best suits your tastes.
  • The ability to use coupons for selected special events: Mornings, I Love Cinema at Multikino, Cinema on Heels, Night of Cinema, Concerts, UEFA Champions League.
  • Coupons are one of the tools used to encourage employees to take an active break, so they will be more relaxed and motivated and, as a result, more efficient.
  • A reward for customers - a cheap way to increase customer satisfaction and intensify cooperation.

Coupons do not apply to VIP seats.

The order should include the following information:

  • Quantity and value of ordered coupons / codes.
  • Necessary data for issuing an invoice.
  • Place of delivery of the invoice and coupons.
  • Contact details of the person placing the order, signature and company stamp.

After receiving the completed order form, we will send a proforma invoice. Once the proforma invoice is paid and the payment is recorded, we will send the coupons by courier to the address specified in the form. Shipping can also take place after the customer sends confirmation of the transfer.

Motivizer - Codes for tickets and seats to the Multikino and Silver Screen

Codes are an excellent tool for the development of your business. You can use them in the following way:

  • Sales promotion actions

Cinema tickets are a cheap and unique reward that can motivate your customers to make additional purchases or acquire specific products and services, e.g. buy two products and receive a Multikino ticket; buy product X and receive a free Multikino ticket.

  • Loyalty Programs

Cinema tickets are the most popular reward in most loyalty programs that use our offer. Therefore, it is worth considering adding our tickets to your offer or creating a program where points can be exchanged for our ticket codes.

  • Creating Customer Databases, Surveying Preferences

A cinema ticket will encourage your potential customers to enter your website, leave their contact details, and answer your survey. This way, you will be able to build a customer database and understand their expectations in a cheap and fast way

Why Use Motivizer Codes for Multikino Cinema Tickets?

  • Attractive reward – a cinema ticket is a very attractive reward. It is hard to imagine another product or service that costs a few zlotys and gives your customers a similar value.
  • Low shipping costs – you can send a ticket code for free via email or for a few grosz through SMS. You do not have to invest in expensive and complicated logistics or shipping costs for awards by mail or courier.
  • Positive emotions – going to the cinema is associated with a pleasant time and positive emotions that customers will associate with your brand.

What are Motivizer Codes?

Codes are the equivalent of paper coupons for Multikino. They consist of 10-digit sequences of numbers, e.g.; 8764298763.

In what other ways can you use the possibilities of Motivizer and Multikino for the development of your business?

Streaming online conferences combined with film screenings

End the boring meetings in conference rooms!

Use the magic of the screen to easily increase the attractiveness of your conference and make it more memorable for your guests.

Why are cinemas the best for organizing meetings?

  • Large screen presentations - increase the attractiveness of presentations and the effectiveness of the message
  • Film projection - an excellent pretext for inviting customers and reaching a large audience with your offer
  • Wide range - presence of Multikino cinemas in 23 of the largest cities in Poland Minimum formalities - 1 contract for all cinemas
  • Internet conference transmissions to even 20 locations - the possibility of reaching even 7000 customers in 1 day

Advertising on cinema screens

Build a strong position in the market by reaching your offer to wealthy and active cinema audiences throughout Poland

With digital media, you can display your advertisement on our cinema screens with minimal costs.

Why is advertising on the screen effective?

  • Positive emotions - the association of positive expectations for the film with the advertisement enhances its effectiveness
  • Memorability - Cinema advertising is one of the most effective forms of promotion - 70% memorability after the first airing, no other communication channel offers
  • Lack of distracting stimuli - the viewer, being in a dark room, focuses maximally on the message
  • Quality = Prestige = Brand building - digital emission provides crystal-clear image and sound quality, the advertisement becomes prestigious in itself Be where your customers are.

Be where your customers are.

Cinema viewers are the most sought-after group of customers:

  • Wealthy - 60% of viewers earn more than PLN 3000 net/month, 37% of viewers earn more than PLN 4500 net/month
  • Educated - 46% have secondary education and 34% have higher education
  • Active - they regularly go to the cinema, they can afford not only basic needs but also entertainment and premium products and services.