We are an online service that offers vouchers for spa services and hotel stays at SPA hotels. Our vouchers can be used at the best hotels and Day SPA facilities throughout the country. Our voucher is a fantastic gift for those who value relaxation, harmony, and blissful rest and can also be a great gift for yourself.

How to use the valuable alphanumeric code from podarujspa.pl?

  1. Copy the alphanumeric code you have,
  2. Go to stronę www.podarujspa.pl
  3. Find the appropriate voucher/bon for the SPA hotel or Day SPA salon,
  4. During the ordering process on podarujspa.pl, in the “Discount code” field, place the number of the alphanumeric code you have..

Podaruj SPA VOUCHER - Important information

The valuable alphanumeric code from podarujspa.pl is available in electronic form, allowing you to purchase any voucher or SPA bon from the podarujspa.pl offer

Podaruj SPA vouchers come in the form of bearer bonds and their validity period is 12 months. Podarujspa.pl offers a wide range of bonds in different amounts. Some of them include individual services such as cosmetic treatments or massages. The service offers a wide range of bonds: for individual services (massages, cosmetic treatments) from PLN 100, for SPA service packages from PLN 180, vouchers for attractive stays at SPA hotels from PLN 400 for 2 people, as well as valuable bonds that can be used for any services or service packages offered by the chosen facility.

Podaruj SPA bond templates