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Circle K petrol station in Poland

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Motivate employees with Circle K products

Over 370 fuel stations throughout Poland. High-quality miles fuels. High-quality, refined gasoline and diesel oils. Our own line of products such as: dried beef, frozen coffee, gummies and energy drinks.

Products branded with the Circle K name (formerly Statoil Fuel or Retail Polska)

Circle K petrol station in Poland

Quality is our #1!

Always the best quality fuels at Circle K

We constantly monitor our fuels at Circle K stations. Inspections are carried out on our behalf by independent, accredited laboratories, and controllers also check the correct dispensing of fuels by dispensers. This is a voluntary system of quality control, independent of inspections by the Trade Inspection. We care and act because we know that poor fuel quality is not only a threat to the vehicle engine. It is also a risk of emitting toxic compounds in exhaust fumes.

High quality Circle K fuels
optimal combustion with Circle K fuel

Optimal combustion!

Circle K fuel cards - miles and milesPLUS fuels

The miles and milesPLUS fuels, thanks to the use of the latest cleaning additives, affect the efficiency of the combustion process and the final fuel consumption. Optimal combustion not only reduces costs, but also reduces emissions, including greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere.

Take care of Circle K fuel cards for employees and ensure them the best fuel quality

Alternative? Naturally!

Circle K supplier of alternative fuels milesBio HVO0100

We are a partner for companies such as IONITY and Tesla. On selected markets, we also offer alternative fuels, such as milesBIO HVO100, which can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 90%! Thanks to global reach, we can meet the challenge of energy transformation.

lower fuel consumption on the route with alternative fuels circle k
eat healthy at Circle K Statoil fuel stations

Healthy food products

Healthy food at gas stations CIrcle K

New products that diversify the diet and enrich it with valuable ingredients are constantly appearing in our offer. We know nutritional trends and are happy to use them! Protein buns, sourdough paninis, graham buns with barley sprouts (source of fiber!) or freshly squeezed juices in our menu are another step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Eco-friendly packaging

Zero Waste - Circle K uses eco-friendly products

We are reducing our use of plastic! We are moving to environmentally friendly packaging. Sandwiches and hotdogs prepared on site are sold in eco-friendly packaging that does not contain plastic and is 100% recyclable. We have also introduced paper straws, and our disposable cutlery is made from avocado seeds. Takeaway meals are served in eco-friendly containers made from sugarcane.

zero waste circle k
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