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Making dreams come true is at your fingertips

Make the dreams of your employees, customers, and business partners come true! For over 10 years, we have been helping build business relationships by fulfilling dreams. How is it possible? We offer vouchers for experiences. Material gifts are a thing of the past. Emotions, experiences, and memories are what counts. Our vouchers will effectively help you motivate and engage your team. They are also great as rewards for contests and as a way to thank business partners and support sales programs.

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Vouchers for unforgettable attractions

Dream Fulfillment Voucher

Choose what will make the person the happiest. An aviation enthusiast will be thrilled with a glider flight. A car enthusiast will never forget a luxury car ride on the track. Maybe some time to relax in an elegant spa? A voucher for a specific attraction is a great gift for an employee’s anniversary or as a reward for achieving success.

Voucher na konkretną atrakcję idealnie sprawdzi się jako prezent z okazji jubileuszu pracownika lub nagroda za osiągnięty sukces.

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Dream Packages!

Dream Package – the Perfect Gift Choice

Want to make sure you hit the mark with the person you are giving the gift to? Choose a voucher that guarantees a choice from dozens of different attractions. We offer packages for adrenaline junkies, fans of luxury relaxation, cooking enthusiasts, or travelers. A Dream Package is the perfect choice when you don’t know the person’s preferences. It’s also great to thank Business Partners.

  • The package includes several dozen attractions, chosen by theme or location
  • The person chooses one attraction from the package
  • The package is valid for 12 months

Gift Vouchers

Denomination Gift Cards for the Dream Catalog

Denomination gift cards are the most versatile. They give the opportunity to choose any attraction from our service. Choose the value according to your budget. Do you want a denomination that you don’t see on the website? Contact us, we’ll create a card especially for your company. Gift Voucher is the most commonly chosen gift in sales support programs.


• Gift vouchers are monetary gift cards, such as for 100, 200, or 500 PLN

• The recipient can use the gift voucher to make purchases in the Dream Catalog

• ift vouchers are valid for 12 months

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