RTV Euro AGD in Poland
RTV Euro AGD in Poland
EURO gift card
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Gift card RTV Euro AGD
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The EURO gift card, where can it be used for payments?

The EURO Gift Card is a retail card that can be used to purchase electronics, TVs, home appliances, computers, tablets, phones, photography equipment, games, and consoles as well as accessories at 305 physical stores in 197 locations across Poland and also on the website euro.com.pl.

seller informing about rtv and household appliances products

The best RTV and AGD products in Poland

A wide range of products available on the EURO gift card

In the RTV Euro AGD stores, there are over 24,000 products from the most important Polish and foreign brands available on the market, in categories such as consumer electronics, TVs and RTV equipment, large and small household appliances, computers, tablets, phones, photographic equipment, games and consoles and accessories.

how to use a euro gift card
Euro RTV AGD services

Services that provide comfort!

Transportation with lifting, 0% installment sales

In all RTV Euro AGD stores, as well as when ordering a product over the phone, you can count on a wide selection of well-known brands, low prices, a rich promotional offer and professional advice when purchasing. In addition, the stores provide additional services such as: transportation throughout the country, connecting washing machines, kitchens, dishwashers, installments, installment insurance, the ability to order equipment by phone, specialized corporate service.

AGD Euro RTV gift card - the perfect gift

Pay with discount vouchers at RTV Euro AGD

A wide range of products and the ability to purchase in the online store www.euro.com.pl guarantee that every customer, regardless of age, gender, interests, and residence, has a unique opportunity to fulfill their dreams or those of their loved ones. The Euro customer card is a great alternative to the perfect and accurate gift for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, First Communions and many other occasions.

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Terms of gift card transaction

Regulations for using the Euro gift card

  • During one transaction in a physical store or online store, up to 15 Euro Gift Cards can be used (please choose the denominations wisely)
  • The Euro gift card is a multi-use card, remaining active until all funds are used or until the card’s expiration date
  • In the event of purchasing products that exceed the card’s denomination, the customer is obligated to pay the remaining amount with another form of payment
  • To use the Euro Gift Card for online purchases, you must provide a 21-digit card number and PIN. 
  • The Euro Gift Card remains active for a minimum of 9 months from the activation date.
  • The card cannot be exchanged for cash or other monetary funds.
  • The expiration date and remaining balance of the card can be checked on the “Card Balance and Expiration” page on euro.com.pl/kartapodarunkowa by entering the card number.

Check the balance and expiration date of the gift card on the website euro.com.pl/kartapodarunkowa by entering the card number.

Terms of use for the RTV Euro AGD Gift Card

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