Brella – Why it's worth it??

Imagine that from tomorrow on, in many business and private tasks, a Brella support team will take care of them for you.

Check what you will gain:

„One of the most interesting support programs for professionals...”
CEO, IT industry
Reduction of costs related to hiring
Time savings translated into real money
Wide support and range of actions thanks to a multi-task team of specialists
Discretion, anonymity and instant implementation of tasks for every person
Possibility of performing seemingly impossible and "yesterday" tasks

How does it work?


You order a task in a convenient way for you

A Brella employee will ask you for task details, completion date, and delivery form so that you can focus only on the result and not waste time on time-consuming communication.

You receive the task result and enjoy free time

You will receive the task result in the previously agreed upon way: by email, by phone, in a specified file format. You can report your reservations. You decide whether the task was correctly performed.

Tasks, or what can I order from you?

You can ask us for anything. We will never refuse to help, and tasks that go beyond our competencies will be performed by carefully selected and approved by you specialists.


Do not limit yourself and ask for everything!

Do you need a dinosaur skeleton for your daughter's birthday party? Are you looking for an unusual holiday idea, for example, in Santa's village? Do you need someone to deliver new shoes to your hotel room? Or maybe you need to take a Christmas tree out of your friend's house in Berlin? We will take care of it.

Private tasks

Discreetly and responsibly, we take care of your loved ones, and do all tasks and household chores for you, so that you can increase your focus on professional goals. You are your best investment, so develop and present yourself at your best.

Business tasks

With Brella's help, you will stop talking on two phones at the same time and cheating physics, being in three meetings at the same time. You will experience how easy it is to conduct business without stress. We professionally advise on the best business solutions, we are excellent organizers.

Team full of competence

The strength of Brella is a multi-task support team, composed of assistants, technical workers and managers, who together possess competencies in the following areas:

Researching data and offers from companies/ specialists
- (Data brokering)
Conducting and coordinating projects
- (Project Management)
Organizing time and delegating tasks
- (Time Management)
Handling assistant tasks
- (Back office and Assistant Management)
Using SaaS tools:
eg. Trello, GetResponse
Comprehensive travel and reservation systems management
- (Travel Management and Reservation Management)
Performing and organizing impossible tasks and "yesterday" (Concierge)

Private tasks

  • Booking travel, air and ground connections, means of transport
    eg. finding and buying an airline ticket from Poznan to Warsaw / Estimated time: up to 2 hours
  • Booking restaurants and cultural events (cinemas, theaters, museums)
    eg. buying a ticket to a sold-out theater show / Estimated time: up to 2 hours
  • Ordering purchases and making payments
    eg. ordering groceries from an online store / Estimated time: up to 2 hours
  • Scheduling appointments with: doctors, beauticians, hairstylists, dentists
    Estimated time: up to 2 hours
  • Home help specialists
    eg. scheduling professionals for home repairs / Estimated time: up to 2 hours
  • Recruiting and finding specialists
    eg. sales representative, up to 10 CV (including preparation of job posting content and publication on free job boards, sorting through submitted CVs, and scheduling interviews) / Estimated time: 2-4 hours
  • Vacation planning
    e.g. preparing destination, transfer and local attraction suggestions for the whole family / Estimated time: 2-6h
  • Event planning
    e.g. wedding, children's birthday, anniversaries of married couples / Estimated time: 2-6h
  • Reminders of monthly bills and expenses and making payments
    e.g. phone subscription fees / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Reminders of important dates
    e.g. birthdays of loved ones / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Calendar management
    e.g. entering important events and reminding of them / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Research of offers: dietary catering, cable TV, real estate
    e.g. preparing a list of potential properties for buying a house (list, contact with sellers, scheduling meetings) / Estimated time: 2-6h\\
  • Creating online auctions e.g. selling a TV
    e.g. preparing an online auction on Allegro, monitoring questions from buyers and passing on shipping information to the seller / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Creating action plans e.g. goal-achieving plan
    e.g. creating a plan for launching a private online store / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Preparing summaries of trends e.g. shirts, popular vacation destinations
    e.g. preparing a summary of fashion trends in the semi-formal business attire category / Estimated time: up to 2h


  • Data research
    e.g. gathering information about competitors, preparing a database of potential contacts, properties, daily press review, database of industry events, preparing proposals for topics on the company blog, data for presentations / Estimated time: 2-6h
  • Research of subcontractor offers
    e.g. IT services (preparing a list, collecting offers, price negotiations, selecting a recommended subcontractor), workshops/conferences / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Subcontractor coordination
    e.g. freelancers / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Preparation of a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation with up to 20 slides
    Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Recruitment and finding specialists
    e.g. sales representative, up to 10 CVs (including preparation of the job advertisement and publication on free services, sorting of received CVs and scheduling of a meeting) / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Managing email inbox
    e.g. sorting messages, marking priorities, cataloging, removing spam, setting filters and automatic replies, invitations, Christmas cards / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Managing calendar
    e.g. entering meetings, important dates, reminders / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Email contact with clients/employees - up to 20 messages
    Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Scheduling meetings - up to 10 per day
    Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Managing social media profile
    e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, up to 3 posts per week (preparing content, choosing photo, publishing schedule) / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Generating reports and analyses Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Answering incoming calls and making outgoing calls to clients - up to 15 per day
    Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Managing documents
    e.g. generating invoices and sending them to the accounting office / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Data entry - up to 30 records per day
    e.g. business card database from a conference or transcribing data from PDF to Excel / Estimated time: up to 2h
  • Copywriting
    e.g. writing articles, press releases, social media posts, email content, editing existing texts, up to 1 page A4, 1400 characters / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Preparing a basic level translation in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, for 1/2 page A4, 700 characters. Estimated time: 2-4h.
    Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Business mail handling: Gmail, other web mail clients
  • Mass mailing: GetResponse, FreshMail, Mailchimp, SMS Api e.g. to potential clients, employees
  • Data input to CRM (30 records per day)
    e.g. business card database from conference or transcribing data from PDF to Excel / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Event planning: Evanea e.g. team building event
    e.g. writing articles, press releases, social media posts, mail message content, editing existing texts, up to 1 page A4, 1600 characters / Estimated time: 2-4h
  • WordPress administration (adding post, updating text or graphics, finding plugin)
    Estimated time: 2-4h
  • Google: AdWords, Analytics e.g. creating and running a basic campaign
    Estimated time: up to 2h

On-demand tasks

We have a trusted group of subcontractors who, under our supervision, support tasks that exceed our competences or time limits. Costs and cooperation conditions are always accepted by the client. What kind of tasks?

  • Graphic design project e.g. brochure, website, newsletter
  • Website updates
  • Translation at any level in any language
  • AdWords and website positioning campaign
  • Copywriting over 1000 characters

Tasks that will be difficult for us to perform

  • Meeting notes
  • Making coffee
  • Arranging documents in the company
  • Ironing a shirt

Leave the task for yourself:

  • Buying the desired kite board
  • Making plans with friends
  • Dinner with wife
  • Going to a concert
  • Pursuing your passions in free time