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Bicycle products in Motivizer

You don't have to. You can do everything

Brand KROSS is a leading Polish producer of bicycles in Europe. Products KROSS available in the Motivizer benefit system are not only cross, road or city bikes, but also accessories, cycling shoes, or professional clothing.

Join the KROSS team with Motivizer!

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A cyclist sleeps in each of us

Bicycles, bicycle accessories, cycling clothing

Are you looking for physical activity? The KROSS brand helps everyone, regardless of their skills.

KROSS products are tradition and modernity. On the KROSS bicycle, Maja Włoszczowska won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and the professional KROSS ORLEN Cycling Team competes for the highest goals on the international arena.

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Put away your car and switch to a bike!

Ecology and convenience

The number of bike trip enthusiasts is growing. The city sees more and more cyclists, not only on KROSS city bikes, but also on electric bikes.

KROSS has a collection of electric bikes – e-MTB, e-trekking, e-cross, and e-urban.

Travel with your family or to work on a city or electric bike from KROSS.

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Everything for bicycles in one place

Sports clothing and accessories for the most demanding cyclists

Exchange points in the Motivizer cafeteria system for KROSS products – thousands of accessories and clothing items are available at a wheel’s distance.

KROSS is a cool idea for a gift for a child, wife, or employee. Advanced technologically clothing and bicycle accessories will improve safety, driving efficiency and comfort.

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