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Unique gift for employees - Edenred gift card

The prepaid Edenred gift card is the most popular form of gift given to employees of all ages. It is an excellent tool for rewarding employees, which replaces the traditional gift voucher, bank transfer or other material gifts. It is a benefit that is perfect for any occasion, such as Easter, Christmas, Saint Nicholas Day, industry holidays (Teacher’s Day, Energy, Barborka), anniversaries or according to your company’s idea.

The form of gift cards is highly sought after, some of the most popular in addition to Edenred are also Allegro gift cards.

Due to its form, it generates positive emotions among employees, making the gift remembered for a longer time and the funds spent according to the individual needs of the employee.

Healthy motivation for employees - Edenred lunch card

The lunch card is used to co-finance meals for employees, allowing them to enjoy meals tailored to their diet every day. The meal cards are accepted at food outlets throughout Poland, such as bars, canteens, canteens, restaurants, “Pan Kanapka”, vending machines, etc., on the internet, and also allow for fast and secure contactless payments via a phone using the Google Pay™ and Apple Pay application.

Thanks to the exemptions from ZUS, it allows for an increase in the net income of each employee and the optimization of costs in the company. The value of funds transferred to the meal card is exempt from ZUS contributions up to PLN 190 per month per employee and employer.

edenred card lunch card
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Well-being package - Edenred sport and culture card

The Sport and Culture card is a solution that allows every employee of different ages to find something for themselves. For some, it will be sports facilities and sports shops, for others good cinema, concerts or theater – everyone will find something for themselves. It is a card that can be used in a wide range of locations, such as cinemas, theaters, sports facilities and many others. It allows for a full refund of the costs of the activities, and it also allows for the optimization of costs in the company