Restaurant Card


What is OpenCard?

OpenCard is the largest dinner club in Poland operating under the already existing and proven model of the English TasteCard (www.tastecard.co.uk)

plastic card


electronic card


OpenCard = Savings

Users of OpenCard receive a constant discount at every partner restaurant.


OpenCard = Variety



  • A loyalty program that operates in selected restaurants in Poland. Currently.
  • We have around 843 partner restaurants throughout the country.
  • Within the next 12 months, we plan to expand to an additional 2,000 restaurants and cafes.
  • Over 60,000 people currently use OpenCard and this number is constantly growing.

OpenCard = Simplicity



  • The discount is granted by possessing an OpenCard with a name.
  • The OpenCard is valid for 12 months.
  • The activation process is simple through a dedicated website www.opencard.pl
  • An intuitive restaurant search function and dedicated hotline for all users

OpenCard also has a mobile application with a geolocation function that easily helps locate the nearest restaurant..

Key Benefits for Employers



  • Building a good employer image by allowing the use of OpenCard outside working hours.
  • Increasing motivation and loyalty of employees.
  • Employees often view employee benefits as bonuses.
  • Effective planning, monitoring and reduction of representation costs through prepaid functions and discounts.

Savings Simulation



Average cost of a company lunch 200 zł
Average number of company lunches per month per employee: 8
Total cost: 1600 zł
Total cost with OC with discount 30% 1200 zł
Total cost with OC with discount 50% 1280 zł

OpenCard in your company means savings of over 1000 PLN per month on representation costs per employee.