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The breakthrough time for Gig Economy

gig economy and motivizer

Today, it is common knowledge that each of us must constantly update our skills and keep up with trends. Often, due to factors such as digital transformation, the best decision is to completely retrain – so far-reaching structural changes have occurred in the economy.

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5G has the potential to change our lives

technology 5g in Polsce

Analyzing the possible applications of 5G network, it seems that it has the potential to change our lives – at least in some areas – to a degree comparable to the scale of changes that took place in developed countries in the period 1875-1925. Piotr Dubno, CFO of Motivizer, talks about the challenges and opportunities of 5G.

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How to take care of the safety of your employees?

Employee personal data security

Today, the issue of company data and employee information leaks is becoming more and more common in the public space. This problem affects not only large international corporations but also government entities.

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Supporting digital transformation of businesses can be a springboard for the Polish economy.

Supporting the digital transformation of businesses can be a springboard for the Polish economy.

Companies that will be able to take advantage of technology will be able to better respond to the challenges of the future economy.

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Implementation of Cafeteria System: Coding or Configuration?

implementing an incentive system

Motivizer’s IT professionals are able to easily configure applications to match the business processes happening in the HR department

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Cafeteria system as a document circulation platform in HR.

cafeteria system as a document flow

Motivizer is a platform that streamlines the management of information in the HR department within organizations. Its wide range of functionality and services allows for addressing complex HR needs

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