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Mera Systemy has joined to Motivizer

Mera Systemy in Motivizer incentive system

Mera Systemy, a leader among ticket machine manufacturers, has joined Motivizer and has access to over 200 offers in the cafeteria system.

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Voucher4Sport on Motivizer

sports competition voucher in cafeteria

From year to year, more and more people want to challenge themselves and participate in hardcore races. Now you can use your points in the Motivizer system to sign up for them!

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5G has the potential to change our lives

technology 5g in Polsce

Analyzing the possible applications of 5G network, it seems that it has the potential to change our lives – at least in some areas – to a degree comparable to the scale of changes that took place in developed countries in the period 1875-1925. Piotr Dubno, CFO of Motivizer, talks about the challenges and opportunities of 5G.

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The new QES Module (qualified electronic signature module)

QES module for qualified electronic signature

Motivizer has introduced a new solution for our Customers. The new QES Module (qualified electronic signature module) from Motivizer will allow for a simple way to completely move away from paper document flow in any company.

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Planning and Reporting on Sustainable Development. ESG Conference

conference ESG

The ESG Institute organized a panel discussion entitled “ESG: How to Plan and Report on Sustainable Development” in which CFO of Motivizer, Piotr Dubno, participated

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Motivizer, together with Power Agency, organized a humanitarian aid transport to Ukraine

Motivizer supports humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Our goal was to deliver the aid as far east as possible. We decided to act on our own, using all the contacts we have gained over the years in the market. The action was a success. Food, essential products, and medicine arrived in Ukraine.

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Institute of Stanislaus, interview: New trends and opportunities for HR departments

Staszic Institute interview with Piotr Dubno on HR digitization

“There is a particular interest in automation and digitalization of processes in HR in the broad sense – we observe a very fast process of these departments transitioning to the online world.” Piotr Dubno, CFO of Motivizer, speaks about the transformation and needs of HR departments in the digital era in an interview for the Institute of Stanislaus

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Motivizer Supports KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in HR Digitization

KGHM chooses Motivizer

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., in partnership with Motivizer, will prepare and implement an innovative system that includes the digitization of HR processes related to the electronic handling of basic benefits and applications from the Company Social Benefits Fund. This is another initiative that aligns with the copper company’s strategy to increase the efficiency of internal processes.

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Women should be the backbone of #TECH industry companies

Women as leaders in IT

By 2025, 85 million jobs will disappear worldwide, but at the same time, 97 million new jobs will emerge, but with the difference that they will require specialized IT skills. Therefore, women should already start investing in their digital competencies

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Motivizer has provided the technology for Emitel S.A.’s benefit platform

Emitel chooses Motivizer incentive system

Emitel, the largest terrestrial radio and television infrastructure operator in Poland, has chosen the Motivizer platform to manage non-monetary employee benefits

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