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Capital24.tv Debate with Piotr Dubno – “Economy, Innovation, Investments. What Changes Await Us?

Staszic Institute interview with Piotr Dubno on HR digitization

The debate ‘Economy, Innovation, Investments: What Changes Await Us?’ took place in Warsaw, organized by the editorial team of Capital24.tv. Iwona Załuska, CEO of the Upper Finance Group, Tomasz Drzał, CEO of Speed Management Polska, Piotr Dubno, member of the board of Motivizer, and Rita Schultz, editor of Capital24.tv, participated in the debate

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The future of HR – what will be the key to organizational success?

the future of the job market and HR industry

The pandemic has also taught us a very clear distinction between workflows that we treat as technical and those that require interpersonal interaction. We are witnessing historic changes in the job market

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Are you keeping up with the idea of a modern workplace?

modern workspace kafeteria

Are you keeping up with the idea of Modern Workspace as workplaces are evolving to adapt to changing reality?

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Burnout, how can an employer help an employee?

burnout report 2022

Pandemic COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on both employees and employers, as well as rising inflation and conditions on global markets. Job burnout is on the rise.

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The era of hybrid work

hybrid work

After the pandemic, the work model in companies is changing. Employees appreciate the ability to use hybrid work and the lack of desire to return only to a stationary work model is becoming increasingly apparent. This is a big challenge for the employer.

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Organizational culture of a company – Types of cultures

To capture and understand what organizational culture is in a company today, we must remember how the business world has changed over the last few decades. We have moved from the industrial age to the information age and have come to understand that regardless of whether we run a business or are an employee, our most important capital is our intellectual and know-how assets.

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Voucher4Sport on Motivizer

sports competition voucher in cafeteria

From year to year, more and more people want to challenge themselves and participate in hardcore races. Now you can use your points in the Motivizer system to sign up for them!

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Women should be the backbone of #TECH industry companies

Women as leaders in IT

By 2025, 85 million jobs will disappear worldwide, but at the same time, 97 million new jobs will emerge, but with the difference that they will require specialized IT skills. Therefore, women should already start investing in their digital competencies

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Digitalization of HR is the key to unlocking the full potential of the organization.

HR digitization a necessity for companies

This decade is the time of the biggest digital transformations also in companies and therefore of employees. To fully utilize their potential, companies must analyze their strategy and based on this analysis reorganize their processes.

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Top 10 books that every HR professional should know

HR Day - top 10 book list for HR

Benjamin Franklin was fond of repeating that investing in knowledge always yields the greatest returns. Here is the TOP 10 books that can change your perspective on HR and management

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