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Burnout, how can an employer help an employee?

burnout report 2022

Pandemic COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on both employees and employers, as well as rising inflation and conditions on global markets. Job burnout is on the rise.

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KROSS on Motivizer

Kross in Motivizer cafeteria system

The offer of the largest bike manufacturer in Poland – KROSS – is now available in the Motivizer cafeteria system.

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How will the world of employee benefits change in the era of Covid and post-Covid?

The world of employee benefits will change in the era of Covid and post-Covid

Covid-19 Forced Employers to Offer Comfortable Remote Working Conditions. Such an Employee Requires a Different Form of Motivation

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Top 5 best employee benefits and perks for working mothers

mother at work

More and more Polish entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of an efficiently functioning employee motivation system. Many of them try to obtain information on what motivates people to work through various needs analyses. However, often one important group is forgotten – working mothers. Therefore, it is worth considering how to make work easier for mothers.

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Philosophy of Kaizen in the 21st century

The philosophy of Kaizen is no longer just a focus on operational efficiency understood as the efficiency of product and service production – it is difficult to do without Kaizen.

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Digitalization of business processes and ways of motivating employees in the COVID-19 era – an opportunity or a necessity

The global digitalization of business processes is a fact. How does it impact the process of motivating employees, which is also undergoing a transformation?

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What are the motivational benefits for an office worker and a manual laborer?

Office workers vs manual workers

In today’s times, there is an ongoing battle to attract and retain good employees, and competitive companies are competing to create more favorable offers. More and more employers are also realizing that not only the salary affects job satisfaction, so many of them are introducing motivational systems adapted to the needs of the workforce. So […]

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