KROSS on Motivizer

Kross in Motivizer cafeteria system

The offer of the largest bike manufacturer in Poland – KROSS – is now available in the Motivizer cafeteria system.

KROSS dla użytkowników systemu kafeteryjnego Motivizer


The summer weather and rising fuel prices are encouraging people to leave their cars in the garage and change their mode of transportation to a bicycle. This is also a good deed for the world and for one’s own health.

The Motivizer cafeteria platform has expanded its offer to include products from the largest bike manufacturer in Poland – KROSS.

Another Polish supplier on Motivizer


KROSS, like Motivizer, is a 100% Polish company whose mission is to connect bikes with people. Regardless of what motivates people to ride bikes, they want to give them the opportunity to choose the highest quality bike. This is a brand that has been providing our families with high quality classic bikes for over 30 years and now also offers electric bikes.

Check out the Motivizer offer


The Motivizer benefit cafe platform, in addition to new offerings – Voucher4Sport vouchers for sports competitions, and KROSS product offers – has a constantly expanding base of benefits available to employees.

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