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Uncommon benefits from the company social benefits fund

Non-obvious benefits from the Employee Benefit Fund (ZFŚS)

The definition of the social benefits fund is so broad that in practice there are problematic benefits to be assigned. We mention a few of them.

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How to plan expenses for ZFŚS? Sample of ZFŚS expenditure budget

Expense planning

Template of expenses from Employee Benefits Fund. What to finance from Employee Benefits Fund? Material and non-material support and motivation of employees

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Resignation from creating ZFŚS – a step-by-step guide

Signing the contract

Employers often treat the activity of the Company Social Benefits Fund as a system for motivating employees, which is why even companies that are not obligated to create it by law decide to organize such funds. But what should you do when you decide to resign from it? When can you do it and what […]

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How to create a Workplace Social Benefits Fund regulation?

Creating a document

More and more employers decide to create a Workplace Social Benefits Fund (WSBF), as it allows for settling some non-monetary benefits that serve as an easy way to motivate employees. But when is the obligation to create a WSBF placed on the employer? And how to create regulations to avoid claims from dissatisfied employees?

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Company Social Benefits Fund – who and how can use it?

Employees in the office

Employers of both small and large companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of creating friendly working conditions and the benefits of additional, often non-material, rewards for employees. Especially since employee benefits can be organized as part of the Social Benefits Fund. Therefore, it is worth knowing exactly what it is, when the establishment […]

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