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Digitalization of HR is key to unlocking the full potential of an organization

hr digitalization

This current decade is a time of the greatest digital transformations for businesses, and as a result, for employees as well. In order to fully harness the potential of their companies, they must analyze their plans and strategies, and based on that analysis, re-organize their processes in order to respond to the challenges currently presented by the market.

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Mera Systemy has joined to Motivizer

Mera Systemy in Motivizer incentive system

Mera Systemy, a leader among ticket machine manufacturers, has joined Motivizer and has access to over 200 offers in the cafeteria system.

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The new QES Module (qualified electronic signature module)

QES module for qualified electronic signature

Motivizer has introduced a new solution for our Customers. The new QES Module (qualified electronic signature module) from Motivizer will allow for a simple way to completely move away from paper document flow in any company.

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Planning and Reporting on Sustainable Development. ESG Conference

conference ESG

The ESG Institute organized a panel discussion entitled “ESG: How to Plan and Report on Sustainable Development” in which CFO of Motivizer, Piotr Dubno, participated

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Institute of Stanislaus, interview: New trends and opportunities for HR departments

Staszic Institute interview with Piotr Dubno on HR digitization

“There is a particular interest in automation and digitalization of processes in HR in the broad sense – we observe a very fast process of these departments transitioning to the online world.” Piotr Dubno, CFO of Motivizer, speaks about the transformation and needs of HR departments in the digital era in an interview for the Institute of Stanislaus

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Motivizer Supports KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in HR Digitization

KGHM chooses Motivizer

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., in partnership with Motivizer, will prepare and implement an innovative system that includes the digitization of HR processes related to the electronic handling of basic benefits and applications from the Company Social Benefits Fund. This is another initiative that aligns with the copper company’s strategy to increase the efficiency of internal processes.

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Qualified signature and electronic signature for HR departments

Qualified electronic signature for Human Resources

Qualified signature is an electronic signature that has legal force equal to a handwritten signature – it is available in the Motivizer system.

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What does the ecommerce market look like in Poland?

What does the e-commerce market look like in Poland?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to develop or simply enter the digital ecommerce world.

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Implementation of Cafeteria System: Coding or Configuration?

implementing an incentive system

Motivizer’s IT professionals are able to easily configure applications to match the business processes happening in the HR department

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Cafeteria system as a document circulation platform in HR.

cafeteria system as a document flow

Motivizer is a platform that streamlines the management of information in the HR department within organizations. Its wide range of functionality and services allows for addressing complex HR needs

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