Qualified signature and electronic signature for HR departments

Qualified electronic signature for Human Resources

Electronic signature in the 21st century is already something indispensable. In particular, a qualified signature is important, among others, for HR departments.


What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a technological solution that allows for digital confirmation of one’s identity. Thanks to it, it is not necessary to manually sign documents, which is especially important in the age of increasingly frequent work from home.

What is the difference between a qualified signature and an electronic signature?

A qualified certificate is an electronic signature that has legal power equal to a personal signature. It is verified by a special qualified certificate, which allows for verification of the person making the signature. Only the person to whom the signature and certificate are assigned can use it. This is the biggest difference between a qualified certificate and an unqualified one.

What does a qualified electronic signature mean and what is it used for?

With a qualified signature, you can sign any document.

Unlike a trusted profile, with a qualified signature you can not only take care of official matters, but also, for example, conclude contracts at a distance or participate in electronic auctions on tender platforms.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic outbreak, more and more employers are deciding to switch to a hybrid or completely remote work system. In this case, many entrepreneurs began to implement an electronic document circulation system. An important element of this is the implementation of a module that allows for the signing of documents with a qualified electronic signature.

What is particularly important is that affixing a document with a qualified electronic signature, in accordance with Polish civil law regulations, has the same legal power as placing a personal signature. Therefore, a qualified signature can successfully replace a traditional signature, even if a given document, under penalty of invalidity, should be made in written form.

How can the qualified electronic signature be utilized? What can it sign?

  • Declarations in the Payroll System.
  • In the Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services (ePuap),
  • Authentication on the Social Insurance Institution’s Electronic
  • Services Platform (PUE ZUS).
  • Tax declarations to Tax Offices.
  • On the Customs and Tax Electronic Services Platform (PUESC)
  • Sign financial statements.
  • Remotely sign civil-law contracts.
  • Registration and identification of contractors participating in auctions or tenders.
  • Signing contracts and participating in auctions on electronic tender platforms.
  • Confirming identity in contacts with public administration offices.
  • Sending information on financial transactions to GIIF.
  • Sending Unified European Procurement Documents (UEPDS).
  • Signing and retrieving employee documentation regarding employees and contractors.
  • Signing medical documentation.
  • Signing authorial content, photos, and notes.
  • Confirming letters submitted to court.

How to obtain a qualified signature in your company?

Only entities that meet certain requirements and are entered in a special registry of such service providers can be providers of qualified signatures. The current list of qualified signature providers throughout the European Union can be found on the website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tl-browser/#/.

The procedure for obtaining a qualified electronic signature may vary slightly depending on the provider. Usually, a one-time meeting of the person who is to be issued the signature with the provider’s representative or partner is required for identity verification. Services are available that include traveling to the person who would like to obtain a qualified electronic signature, assistance in installing the necessary software, or initial technical training.

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