Analysis of changing employee benefits in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that traditional non-wage benefits such as sports cards and health packages will no longer satisfy all employees. According to experts and surveyed employees, changes in this area have accelerated rapidly in recent years, especially in 2020-2021.


Analysis of changing employee benefits in 2021

According to a report prepared by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers in 2021, employees want benefits that help them deal with individual problems. Employers are wondering how to create an offer that will be satisfactory for employees, protect their health, but also meet the needs and strategies of the company.

This is a pressing task, also due to generational changes and changing employee needs. In the next report conducted by the Gallup Institute in 2021, as many as 53% of respondents would prefer to work remotely even if restrictions are lifted (more in the article “How the world of employee benefits will change in the era of COVID and POST-COVID“).

The pandemic turned out to be a driving force behind the changes in the standard basket of non-wage benefits. As experts writing the “Capital of Health” report indicate, changes in the labor market, the epidemic situation and the changing perception of the importance of mental and physical health have led to the fact that previously offered benefits are insufficient and a great revolution in employee benefits is waiting for us.

Which employee benefits have gained in importance in 2021?

  • Remote work (home office) – the possibility of completely performing employee duties from home or in a hybrid form (remote work + a few days a month in the office) is one of the most sought-after benefits
  • Access to group social insurance
  • Private health care
  • Gift and occasion vouchers


Future non-wage benefits

As the popularity and interest in working in home office mode grew, so did interest in various e-services that the employer could offer to employees working in this mode. One of the novelties that appeared in the offer of benefit systems is access to gaming platforms such as STEAM, PlayStation Plus, or XBOX Live.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 only exacerbated this process, so many companies are starting to take into account the fact that offering benefits not only to employees working in the office, but also to those working remotely, is becoming increasingly important.

Among the most popular services have become mindfulness and well-stress activities, as well as various vouchers that can be used in selected stores.


A culture of gratitude

In short, a culture of gratitude in an organization refers to public recognition for exceptional achievement or position in society (Camridge Kudos definition). Today, many employees feel that they lack appreciation from their superiors for their work. The best form of gratitude would be accompanied by some form of reward, but often it is just a handshake or a simple “good job”. Today, with the increasing digitization, there are many tools available to publicly acknowledge good work, and by using tools like a benefit café, an employee can be encouraged with a specific bonus.


Wellbeing in an organization

Wellbeing in an organization is a comprehensive approach to the employee as an individual and meeting their diverse needs

We remind you that Wellbeing should be among the main initiatives and investments in the plans and long-term strategy of the organization, and then become its key obligation. This is important because the real daily reality determines whether Wellbeing activities will build value and become a part of the company’s identity or just remain a decoration included in subsequent awards, reports, and advertising folders.

At Motivizer, we offer access to a cafeteria system that supports the “wellbeing” approach, within the PERMA model. We offer Kudos, gamification, sports, psychological support, well-stress, e-Training, and more. All system users also have access to – a store for Motivizer cafeteria system users, where they can exchange Motivizer points for tangible rewards. The reward catalog already has over 500 items from 50 reputable brands.

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