Are you keeping up with the idea of a modern workplace?

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“It is impossible to step into the same river twice” – Heraclitus of Ephesus

The world is constantly changing, and the last 2 years have been a sprint of changes in the world around us. The technological revolution is increasingly affecting our lives, including our work. Workplaces are changing and evolving to adapt to the changing reality.

What is a modern workplace?

The modern world is multidimensional, and thanks to new technologies, boundaries are beginning to blur. Similarly, in the case of workplaces – more and more we associate a workplace with an organization, institution rather than a specific place in space. Today, there are more remote and mobile job offers in Warsaw than stationary. In the current situation, the key to success for companies is to find talented employees and retain them in the organization, regardless of where they live.

New generations entering the labor market and an increasing openness to the world and the idea of diversity also affect our professional daily life. Understanding changes in the perception of the world and the mechanisms that drive our minds is the most important condition for creating the work environment of the future. We must also be aware that for the first time in history, there are four generations on the labor market, which is a great challenge for employers, as in creating the work environment, the needs of all four groups must be taken into account.


Building the image of the brand

We can also see that the perception of an organization is increasingly important not only in terms of services or achievements, but also in terms of the image of the organization as a good employer. More and more effort and money is being spent by companies to be perceived positively on the labor market, so as to attract the best talents. Employer branding and its importance is now understood by every manager. In companies, there is also an increasing awareness of the need to implement such solutions in the organization to retain the best employees and increase their engagement.

Modern workspace attracts employees

That’s why employers today appreciate the benefits of modern workspace and implement benefit cafes. Thanks to this universal solution, employees can decide for themselves how to use the employer’s funds allocated for benefits. Because digital solutions allow employees to access HR resources remotely, it is now very tempting for employers, especially those who have mobile or remote employees.

Benefits that are potentially not obvious when we think of their traditional forms are becoming increasingly popular today – such as medical subscriptions or gym memberships. Streaming offers – online training, mindfulness exercises, or platforms such as Netflix and Spotify – which can be used within the scope of the Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS) are increasingly chosen by users of benefit cafes. Employers are increasingly financing benefits within working capital, which provides much greater opportunities to purchase services.

Today, employees want to make their own decisions about the benefit budget that the employer has given them. In the near future, a much broader view of the role of non-wage benefits will be important. As never before, the development of technology and its application in this area will be the key to the future of organizations. It must be remembered that the concept of corporate value is changing, human capital and a wellbeing strategy, through which not only will we attract specialists, but also retain them, will be an important element of the value of the organization.

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The Motivizer benefit cafe platform, in addition to new offerings – Voucher4Sport vouchers for sports competitions, and KROSS product offers – has a constantly expanding base of benefits available to employees.

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