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Rapid development of artificial intelligence in business

Artificial Intelligence - Impact on Business

The emergence of a new quantum supercomputer demonstrates how important artificial intelligence is becoming in business. It is already determining the advantage of companies in business.

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Benefit Festival II

On October 5th, 2017, the second edition of the BENEFITS FESTIVAL event, organized by Link Concept Sp. z o.o., took place at the Bracia Jabłkowscy Department Store located at 25 Bracka Street in Warsaw. This was another meeting of professionals involved in employee benefits. During the second edition of the Benefits Festival, 25 partners and […]

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Motivizer at Outsourcing Expo 2017

Motivizer na Outsourcing Expo 2017

On September 21, 2017, Motivizer participated in the Outsourcing Expo 2017 fair. Motivizer was present among large service providers for enterprises: During the fair, discussions were held with potential customers and a presentation of the next edition of the cafeteria system application was made, including: Integration module with the SAP system: automatic booking of operations […]

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Motivizer ay Benefit Festival I

cafeteria system

Motivizer participated in a meeting of leaders in the benefits product market, including individuals responsible for the benefits policy in companies. Discussions were held on building a benefits policy, best practices, and formal-legal issues. The event showcased a new version of the application – the cafeteria system, which is unique on the market. Our solution […]

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