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Planning and Reporting on Sustainable Development. ESG Conference

conference ESG

The ESG Institute organized a panel discussion entitled “ESG: How to Plan and Report on Sustainable Development” in which CFO of Motivizer, Piotr Dubno, participated

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Institute of Stanislaus, interview: New trends and opportunities for HR departments

Staszic Institute interview with Piotr Dubno on HR digitization

“There is a particular interest in automation and digitalization of processes in HR in the broad sense – we observe a very fast process of these departments transitioning to the online world.” Piotr Dubno, CFO of Motivizer, speaks about the transformation and needs of HR departments in the digital era in an interview for the Institute of Stanislaus

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Why do employees want to manage their own benefits?

Expert interview with HR TECH market specialist given to Rzeczpospolita.

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