Voucher4Sport on Motivizer

sports competition voucher in cafeteria

From year to year, more and more people want to challenge themselves and participate in hardcore races. Now you can use your points in the Motivizer system to sign up for them!”

Sports Competition Voucher on the Motivizer Cafeteria System


We always appreciate suggestions and ideas from our customers and Motivizer system users. The sports season is in full swing, some are already building peak form to participate in half marathons, marathons or hardcore mountain runs!

But who in Poland hasn’t heard of the Bieg Rzeźnika? Even if you have never run for a tram or bus, you have certainly heard of this event. Many people want to challenge themselves and win! You don’t have to start with the popular “Rzeźnik”, even its organizers propose first to check yourself in the “Rzeźniczek” or about 10 km of the “On Jeleni Skok” route. And throughout Poland, we have running events that annually involve hundreds of thousands of people! As it turns out, these sports events are in the plans of many of our system users.


Voucher4Sport – choose and sign up for your favorite sports event


To meet their expectations, Motivizer together with IST Software has launched a new service – Voucher4Sport.

On the Voucher4Sport.pl website, you can easily find the sports event that interests you, and then sign up for it using the Voucher code from the Motivizer cafeteria system.

On Voucher4Sport you will be able to sign up for the most important sports events in Poland, such as the Festwial Biegu Rzeźnika and participate in the Bieg Rzeźnika, Rzeźnik Ultra or the entire Rzeźnik Grand Slam!


Current list of sports competitions available in Motivizer


The current list of competitions that can be signed up for at a given moment will be available in the Motivizer benefit system and on the voucher4sport.com website.

If your employer allows you access to the Motivizer cafeteria system:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the “sports” tab and look for “Voucher for sports events”
  • Then select the value of your voucher and exchange your points for a code.

How to redeem the Sports Competition Voucher?


  • If you have received your code from the benefit platform, choose from the list of sports events that interests you.
  • Go to the organizer’s registration page
  • During the registration process, in the payment step, enter your code from the cafeteria system.

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The Motivizer benefit cafe platform, in addition to new offerings – Voucher4Sport vouchers for sports competitions, and KROSS product offers – has a constantly expanding base of benefits available to employees.

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