Motivizer, together with Power Agency, organized a humanitarian aid transport to Ukraine

Motivizer supports humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Our goal was to deliver the aid as far east as possible. We decided to act on our own, using all the contacts we have gained over the years in the market. The action was a success. Food, essential products, and medicine arrived in Ukraine


Our goal was to provide assistance as far east as possible. We decided to act on our own, using all the contacts acquired over the years of our market activities (thank you, Tork!).

Success of the humanitarian aid action for Ukraine

The action was a success. Food, basic necessities and medicines reached Ukraine. On the way back to Poland, we helped transport escaping Ukrainian women and children. A special passenger was a cat who was the only one able to take his own house on the journey. We named him Bayraktar and he has already found a new family in Poland that is taking good care of him.

In Western Ukraine, life still looks like in Poland. Young people walk the beautiful streets of Lviv, sipping coffee from local cafes. People go to work, shopping, take the rattling public transportation and try to live normally. Every now and then, sirens wail or a patrol with a long weapon walks along the sidewalk, leading Russian divers in handcuffs. The residents don’t panic, there is confidence and belief in the quick end of the war during their conversations.


Lviv is aware of the threat, of course, and is preparing for a potential confrontation. Concrete barriers are set up at the gates where cars drive slalom under the watchful eye of soldiers. Access roads to Lviv are dotted with various fortifications. Residents of nearby villages dig trenches and build barricades. Some road signs are covered to make navigation difficult for the “criminals”.

The further east, the worse the situation gets, and the more help is needed. Most of the transports from Poland reach Western Ukraine, where they are taken over by Ukrainian organizations and sent further east. Of course, these transports are much riskier. A lot also happens in the underground aid.

Want to help Ukraine? Contact Motivizer

If among the recipients of this post there are representatives of companies wishing to provide direct aid to Ukraine, we encourage you to contact us – we can organize it. We collaborate with many social organizations as well as private individuals who donate their time and money to engage in supporting Ukraine. A great example is AUTO RADO (nice to meet!) who dropped everything, bought a passenger bus, and transports people from Ukraine.