Motivizer Forms Partnership with Helping Hand E-Therapy Application

The company Motivizer is introducing a psychological support service to its offerings. As of April 1st, Motivizer customers will be able to use the innovative e-therapy application Helping Hand. In the age of the pandemic and increasing mental health problems, access to professional psychological support has become one of the most sought-after benefits, both by HR departments and employees themselves.


With the increasing number of infections and the introduction of more restrictions, the vision of a quick return to normalcy is becoming increasingly distant. As a result, significant problems with the mental health of Poles are deepening. These problems also affect company employees – already 1/3 of them report a deterioration in mental health, while only 30% of them feel supported by their employer. And as studies conducted in the United States show, 80% of corporate employees will consider changing jobs if the new employer provides a mental health support package.


Psychological support from Helping Hand is already available in the Motivizer cafeteria system

Motivizer, the most modern support system for HR departments in the Polish market, was the first to introduce the ability to use the psychological support program from Helping Hand to its benefits platform.

Helping Hand is an innovative application that guarantees access to over 100 verified therapists, using modern technologies to support therapy.

Psychological help covers 6 areas:

  • depression,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • alcohol problems,
  • anxiety states,
  • psychological support for employees,
  • psychological support for the employee’s child.

“In cooperation with Motivizer, we have developed a program for holistic psychological support that can cover both the employee and their family. We use tools for self-diagnosis and self-therapy, such as journals or diagnostic tests, that increase the efficiency of therapy. Helping Hand is also a wealth of tools that include video and text chats with therapists, access to a rich knowledge base that includes texts, video advice, support groups, or open expert chats. We are convinced that employees using the Motivizer cafeteria will find a lot of support in the Helping Hand application in these difficult times for them.”


logo helping hand

Daniel Lewczuk
President of the Board of Helping Hand


Helping Hand is another partner that has started working with Motivizer

Helping Hand is the latest partner to start cooperation with Motivizer. Motivizer supports HR departments and employees with solutions tailored to their needs. The intuitive tools not only affect work efficiency and management, but also improve the comfort of employees in their personal time. The Motivizer team puts all its passion, knowledge, and experience at the disposal of its partners, supporting them in improving and transforming the digital HR department. The benefits available on the Motivizer platform can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the employer and the selected budget.


“The goal of Motivizer is to provide the best solutions for HR departments that will be tailored to the needs of employees working in the organization. We are in daily contact with HR teams and the topic of declining mental health of employees is increasingly coming up. We are pleased that comprehensive psychological care has also joined the wide range of available benefits. Helping Hand is an experienced company that guarantees access not only to the best, verified therapists, but also to modern technologies that, in the time of the pandemic, make remote contact with a therapist easier, streamline therapy, and increase its efficiency.”


motivizer cafeteria system logo

Paweł Filutowski
CEO/CTO Motivizer


Psychological support for employees of companies and corporations

According to research, over 20% of Polish companies are already planning to introduce mental health support for their employees. More and more companies are feeling the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in this area (read more, whether the digitization of employee motivation processes in the pandemic era is an opportunity or necessity). According to ZUS data, the number of days absent due to depression has increased by almost 40% and the average length of absence is 20 days. The number of psychiatric and psychological visits has increased 2.5 times since March 2020.

A study conducted by ICAN Institute, the publisher of Harvard Business Review Polska in November 2019.