The Benefits of Implementing a Benefits Platform

Why choose a benefit platform?

One of the goals of every employer is to find and then retain the best experts in their team. Today, one of the key assets that can tip the balance in favor of the employer are non-wage benefits.

The challenge then becomes choosing these additional benefits, especially in organizations with complex structures. The most effective solution is then to implement a benefit platform, also known as a cafeteria system (read more about the cafeteria system).


What is a benefit platform?

A benefit platform is a service, usually in the form of SaaS (System as a Service), that allows each employee to independently choose additional benefits, depending on their current needs. The benefits available on benefit platforms can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the employer and the selected budget.

The most popular benefits chosen by employees include:

  • private medical care,
  • insurance,
  • subsidized vacation,
  • fitness packages,
  • education financing.