Invitation to participate in a Request for Proposal for SEO/SEM/Content Marketing Services

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Dear Sir/Madam,

You are cordially invited to participate in the Request for Proposal titled “11/04/2017 – Internet Marketing Services – Request for Proposal RFP”.

Procedure Number: MOT 11/04/2017

Subject of Purchase: Motivizer Ltd. with its registered office at Hanki Czaki 2/18, 01-588 Warsaw, entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw XIII Commercial Division in Warsaw under the number KRS: 0000493006, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 521-366-42-06; Business Identification Number (REGON) 147053465 – invites to submit an offer for:

– Provision of SEO/SEM/Content Marketing Services (Request for Proposal RFP)

Details regarding the subject of the RFP and the procedure for submitting a response are described below.

Start date: 18.04.2017 10:00 AM

End date: 02.05.2017 5:00 PM

Contact with the person in charge of the procedure: Michael Majecki can be reached via email: or by phone: +48 515 113 130.

Detailed description of the order

Execution of online marketing services in the following areas:

  • SEO/Content Marketing services
    • monthly minimum of 60 backlink conversations (marketing + link building)
    • increasing number of new forums, websites (other locations) each month
    • additional underlinking of completed works (small SEO for each completed work)
  • SEM online search engine marketing
    • documentation of extensive AdWords experience
    • expertise in advanced AdWords analytics tools, including API usage

Detailed information about the scope of the areas will be presented after signing the NDA (Confidential Information Agreement).

Information in response to this inquiry should include:

  1. A precise structure of the offered report
  2. References in similar project implementations.
  3. A cost estimate for the work in net amounts and a payment schedule.

Eligible contractors for the proceedings are those who:

  • Possess the necessary licenses for the specified activities if laws require such licenses,
  • Have the required knowledge and experience and possess the technical capability and personnel capable of executing the order, with at least one order fully equivalent to this order executed in the last 3 years,
  • Are in a financial and economic position that guarantees proper execution of the order, are not excluded from the proceedings.

Reasons for Rejection of Offer

The offer may be rejected in case at least one of the following reasons is met:

    • it will present a remarkably low price,
    • its content will not correspond to the content of the inquiry,
    • it will be submitted by a contractor excluded from participating in the procedure,
    • it will be submitted after the deadline for submission of offers,
    • it will be invalid based on separate regulations.

Evaluation Criteria and Description of Point Allocation Method

      1. Price – 60%: Points for this criterion = (lowest price among all offers / contractor’s price) * 100 points.
      2. Competencies related to completion of similar projects – 40%:
        • 100 points for experience in completing at least one similar project and two large e-commerce projects
        • 50 points for experience in completing at least two large e-commerce projects
        • 0 points for no experience in completing a similar project or large e-commerce projects