Cafeteria Systems in Practice: 5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Benefits for employees

Managing People Is an Extremely Challenging Task. It Involves not only managing projects, delegating tasks, and overseeing progress and quality of work, but also the biggest challenge for many employers is properly motivating employees to work better and more efficiently, and creating a bond between the employee and the company, a sense of loyalty. How can this be done? And how can cafeteria systems help in practice?

  1. Sports cards
  2. Movie or theater tickets for employees
  3. Discounts to restaurants and gift vouchers
  4. Medical packages
  5. Language schools

1.Sport Cards as a Benefit in Cafeteria Systems

Taka karta sportowa umożliwia wejście do wielu różnych obiektów w całej Polsce oraz darmowe korzystanie z możliwości uczestnictwa w zajęciach. W niektórych przypadkach konieczna jest nieduża dopłata, np. aby móc wynająć kort do tenisa lub squasha.

Sport cards are among the most frequently chosen non-wage benefits in cafeteria systems. The card allows for access to many different facilities across Poland and free participation in activities. In some cases, a small fee may be required, such as for renting a tennis or squash court.

The biggest advantage of sport cards is that the employee can choose any sports facility that cooperates with the system and change it as needed, without being tied to a specific sports center or fitness club for a month or longer.

Sport cards in the cafeteria system can be fully or partially funded by the employer. Even if the employee has to pay an additional fee, it is still very cost-effective for them. They will also be more likely to work for a company that provides this opportunity.

2. Cinema or Theatre Tickets for Employees

Another way to increase motivation among employees within the cafeteria system is to offer cinema or theater tickets.

Just like with sports cards, the employee can decide whether they choose this option. Most often, the offer of cinemas to which tickets can be purchased with coupons is so diverse that it is easy to choose the most convenient location for yourself.

Interesting solutions are also theater tickets, which at regular prices are quite expensive. An employee who receives them for free or at a lower price will be more willing to choose this form of cultural entertainment.

3. Discounts at Restaurants and Gift Vouchers

Another frequently chosen non-wage benefit are cards offering discounts at restaurants and gift vouchers for various stores.

In Poland, the most popular is the OpenCard, which allows up to 50% discount on food in partner restaurants nationwide. This is an extremely advantageous solution for people who often eat outside their homes and prefer to choose proven eateries with fresh and nutritious meals.

Within the cafeteria system, employees can also have the choice of gift cards for selected stores. Many people, especially women, are eager to use this, as it is an excellent way to save during shopping.

4. Medical Packages

As part of the motivational system, medical packages can also be offered. Allowing an employee access to private healthcare for free or for an additional fee not only increases motivation to work but also makes the employee more attached to the company and less likely to consider leaving

5. Language School

For many employees, the most important motivating factor for continued work is the opportunity for continuous learning and acquiring new skills. That’s why it’s worth deciding on language courses for employees. And it’s also important to remember that this is also a beneficial option for the employer, as a team that speaks foreign languages well is more open to cooperation with foreign markets.

The above-mentioned non-monetary benefits are among the most commonly chosen methods of employee motivation. However, it should be noted that due to cafeteria systems, the employee decides what will best motivate him or her to continue working, so the effectiveness of these benefits is high in practice.