What is healthy organization?

Healthy organization and employee health

It is widely known that stress, poor nutrition, and irregular sleep can cause a variety of dangerous health conditions and ailments. Until recently, particularly in the workplace, little attention was paid to the impact of these factors on people’s mental health, unless it was directly related to their efficiency and productivity


Healthy Organization is the response to the needs of employees. The genesis of the idea.


Healthy Organization is the response to the needs of employees. The genesis of the idea.
It is commonly known that stress, poor diet, or irregular sleep can be the cause of many dangerous illnesses and ailments. Until recently, particularly in organizational environments, little was said about the impact of these factors on people’s mental state, unless it was directly related to their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, even today, cultural and social conditions favor work being primarily associated with responsibilities, overtime, and lack of time for family.

Unfortunately, it happens that even well-educated people who, in theory, should be aware of the negative impact of overworking on life and health still believe that the most valuable are those who work a lot and this is the main element of achieving success. It comes to the point that for many young people, the best way to show oneself to the employer and guarantee success in the future is to work 16 hours a day. And indeed, the approach, observed in Wall Street movies from the 80s and 90s, may have worked – especially since it was repeated by successive generations of managers and superiors who subscribed to these rules.

A healthy organization in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever


Over the past few years, mental health and well-being of employees have finally received the proper attention in the workplace. In the “2021 HR Sentiment Survey,” over 68% of HR managers considered the well-being and mental health of employees to be the top priority. What can we expect in this field, remembering the shock, frustration, and uncertainty after the pandemic?

The answer lies in the Healthy Organization – a holistic and more integrative approach to well-being throughout the entire enterprise. This concept goes beyond physical health and safety of employees and its goal is to provide them with greater flexibility and opportunities for training and strengthening their position.


Healthy Organization – features


The framework of the Healthy Organization includes the following elements:

• physical health
• mental well-being (Wellbeing why is it important)
• financial condition
• social health and corporate social responsibility
• sustainability and environmental responsibility
• education and personal development
• a positive organizational culture and a sense of community
• a balance between work and personal life
• a healthy and safe working environment.

The well-being of employees and their mental health is one of the biggest challenges for HR managers


The COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected and is still affecting employees and workplaces, can be safely said that a Healthy Organization is a desirable trend, providing greater efficiency and employee satisfaction, leading to employee retention.

An important area to consider when designing incentive programs in a company is proper nutrition and meal subsidies for employees. This is important not only from the point of view of maintaining good health, but also improving employee productivity and also tightens relationships in the team. A study by Human Power shows that for the average employee or manager, food-related matters are not a priority, but the HERO study confirms that there is a close relationship between nutrition and the productivity of employees. The productivity of employees who eat regular and healthy meals increases by 25% and absence is 27% lower.


Motivizer supports the Wellbeing approach in building a Healthy Organization


At Motivizer, we offer access to a cafeteria system supporting the wellbeing approach, within the PERMA model.

  • P: Positive emotions
  • E: Engagement
  • R: Relationships
  • M: Meaning
  • A: Achievement / Accomplishment

We comprehensively support our clients in all these areas, offering a range of features and offers, including Kudos, gamification, sports, psychological support, wellestress, e-trainings and many more.