Expert’s Eye: Employers’ Challenges

the job market revolution

#ExpertEye CEO/CTO Motivizer Paweł Filutowski on the challenges facing employers.

The job market revolution since 2020


The beginning of 2020 and the global crisis caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 has sparked a revolution in the job market. The start of this year, and the Russian attack on Ukraine further accelerated these changes. Both events have a great impact on the functioning of organizations, which have had to strengthen their actions towards employees. Key was the creation of a strategy in the area of #wellbeing and the implementation of programs in this area. Wellbeing, or the overall (psychological and physical), subjective state in which we feel comfortable, has never been more important than today. Stressful situations such as a global pandemic, the proximity of war, but also inflation and rising interest rates have a huge impact on employees and their sense of stability. And this in turn reflects on their efficiency and the tasks assigned by the employer.

Organizations that build their brand as a responsible and strong employer should definitely support their employees in these difficult times and look for solutions that will improve the team’s well-being.


Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022 report


The latest Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022 report shows that the level of compensation and benefits that employers offer to future employees is the top priority on the job market today. According to the respondents of this survey, among the key actions that every employer should undertake are, among others, engagement in well-being (38% of respondents) and additional benefits (34%).

Importantly, the results of the study apply to both #white-collar and #blue-collar employees, which is also confirmed by our own observations among Motivizer customers. The latest data also shows an increasing importance of aspects such as the work atmosphere, work-life balance, and the use of the latest technologies by organizations, to which representatives of Generation Z have greatly contributed, who are increasingly influencing the job market.

Based on the last two years, we know today that we cannot predict the future. We don’t know what’s coming and we should be prepared for everything. Therefore, considering that there may be more crisis and stressful years for employees ahead, it is worth paying attention to the priorities and needs of our team.

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